Top 10 Degree Subjects for Employability.

Top 10 Degree Subjects for Employability.


If you’re a young person trying to decide which degree you should take at University, one question is likely to come up over and over again – which one will be best for your future career prospects?


In 2015 the Telegraph released a list of the top 10 degree subjects for graduate prospects. Today we’re going to discuss these subjects and their successes in employability to help you decide which one is best for you. Alternatively, if you’re already a graduate, you might want to just see if your subject made the list.


  1. Social Studies.


With just under half of its graduates finding employment within 6 months, Social Studies might come as an unexpected surprise to some for making this list. While it’s true that scientific and business related degrees rank higher on this list, it’s nice to see Social Studies making itself known as a solid degree.


  1. Mathematical Sciences.


Mathematical Sciences makes this list with just under half of its graduates again finding employment within 6 months.  Everyone knows someone who studies this kind of subject at University and they’re usually the one in your friend group that you expect to find a job right out of the gate – so ranking this at just under half is somewhat of a surprise.


  1. Business and Administrative Studies.


Ranking at 49%, Business and Administrative Studies makes the 8th spot on this list. Given how many administration roles there are currently being created in the industry and the constant need for business people in expanding companies, this subject is obviously a smart choice for anyone wanting to go into management or business ownership.


  1. Education.


Within a few years of graduation, when all the PGCEs are said and done, we all know a teacher by our mid 20s. At 59.1% employment after graduating, Education is an ever popular degree choice at the moment. We will always need more teachers and teaching assistants, so Education is a solid choice at degree level if you’re looking for a stable career.


  1. Computer Science.


Tied with Education at 59.1%, Computer Science is next on this list. Unsurprisingly, in the growing age of the Internet, more and more people are needed to support the industry and create more websites, tools and systems for the consumer. Computer Science is a great choice if you are smart enough to do it and could lead to some exciting and lucrative business prospects in future if you play your cards right.


  1. Engineering and Technology.


At 62.8%, Engineering and Technology takes 5th place on this list. This degree teaches you great skills that are needed in an industry where we are manufacturing more and more machines, cars and even robots. There’s a huge laundry list of career paths that you can take with this degree, from construction to aerospace engineering.


  1. Architecture, Building and Planning.


With an ever growing population, we will always need people to design and create our buildings to house people, businesses and services. A whopping 71.3% employment rate makes this degree worth thinking about if you have the creative mind for it.


  1. Subjects Allied to Medicine.


The first non-specific category on this list, Medicine related degrees cover everything from biomedical sciences to physiotherapy. As mentioned by the Telegraph, many of these degrees will require an additional two years of training. However at a 79.8% employment rate, it’s hard to imagine that this isn’t worth the grind.


  1. Veterinary Science.


We Brits love our animals almost more than we love our people sometimes. We will always need people to take care of them when they’re sick, so Veterinary Science is obviously a well respected and important degree subject. 85.3% of these graduates find work within 6 months. While this is a lengthy degree sometimes taking up to 5 years, if you’re a lover of animals and have the scientific brain for it, this degree can be very rewarding and set you up for a solid and well paid career.


  1. Medicine and Dentistry.


This degree came in at an enormous 94.7% employment rate 6 months after graduating. 94.7%! Of course, many of these graduates go into placements at hospitals as junior doctors and while the junior doctors have had struggles recently, they will always be needed in our country. A hugely important degree, this one can take several years and requires a lot of intelligence and patience.


So these are the top 10 degrees for employability. Some of these might surprise you and some you might feel are obvious choices. Whichever degree you choose, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and because it’s what you want to do. As always, good luck!


Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson
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